Project Description

It is one of the hottest topics in the financial press and overall investing literature. It is also dominating headlines in the fields of philanthropy, environmentalism, and global development.

Why? An increasing number of global wealth holders are using their investment capital to support innovative and commercially viable solutions that drive transformation toward a more just and sustainable society.

By aligning investment dollars with their values, individuals and institutions are creating measurable, positive social and environmental impact… without forgoing financial returns.

In fact, some industry observers and investors view impact investing as the emerging alternative to philanthropy.

As the movement gains momentum, investors of all types are contemplating how they can participate. Meanwhile, investment professionals are assessing how they can best assist clients in meeting their values-based objectives.

After several months of writing, we are pleased to share our point of view: Impact Investing: The Case for Municipal Bonds. A joint effort between Castleton and our ESG analytics and impact reporting partner, Madeira Global, our objective was to evaluate the municipal bond market for its impact potential and utility in portfolio management.

Overall, we are enthusiastic in offering investors a potentially overlooked perspective on the role that the fixed income asset class—and especially municipal securities—can play in supporting the impact investing movement.

We hope you’ll enjoy the read.